Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 10 - Yu-Yi Chen

This week,
Huy and I are still working on our promotional film shooting,
and we’ve shot some scenes on the streets, in a skate park, on a ferry, and in the rain.
We will keep working on it.
In past few weeks, the weather was so nice, but we need a scene in the rain.
Finally, we got a chance to shoot in the rain this week.
Our bag is a waterproof bag,
and I think that’s also the prime value of the bag
because it’s really hard to see a waterproof skatebag.

I’m trying to let more people know about our bag through Facebook.
I think information transmits very fast on social network,
so I chose Facebook, which I also use very often.
When I chatted with my friends,
I would tell them the information of our bag.
From my point of view,
if more people know about our bag,
we can get more opportunities to sell our bag.
When people need a waterproof bag with a big capacity like ours
they might think of getting one from us.
Because they’ve already had information of our bag in their mind,
when they need it, our bag would arise in their minds naturally.
The key words would be waterproof and big capacity.


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