Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Week 11 - Yu-Yi Chen

This week,
Because the upcoming week is our final,
I refreshed what we’ve done on branding.

Here is the outline of our process.
1. Basic on our main idea, a waterproof and high-capacity bag.
Each of us has drawn some sketches of bag design,
and they became the initial design of our bag.

2. Each of us came up with a couple of ideas about the name of our bag
and then made the final decision together.

3. We made some mood boards to inspire us to create our brand image,
including logo, colors, and design.

4. We made a prototype of our bag.
In order to enhance our design,
we met Gene, who is an expert of making bags.
We got a lot of great and practical suggestions from him,
so we figured out what can really be done and what cannot.

5. For next few weeks,
we kept making different attempts to enhance our design based on customer's opinions
such as adding a pocket, , adding reflective material, keeping our design simple, and establishing brand identity.

6. We shot some pictures for selling purpose.
These pictures were used in public,
so we tried to well show people the specialty of our bag.

7. In order to make people feel the spirit of our bag,
we started to shoot a promotional film.
We were trying to deliver stronger passion through the film.

An important thing I’ve learnt from this process is that design basically depends on the demand of market.
We can’t really make things that we want to make,
but we have to hear customers’ voice and adjust our design.
Then, customers might buy our product. 


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