Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Anthony Driscoll Week 11

Huy delivered some exciting news yesterday.   A shop in Thailand has approached us via Facebook and is interested in carrying our bags in their stores.  We have yet to have a formal discussion with them regarding pricing and quantity they want to carry.  They are a smaller skate shop so i'm not sure what kind of quantity they will be looking to carry.  If it is around twenty bags, we can have them made here locally, but the price may be too high for them and might not leave very much meat on the bone for us. If we can get some more eastern exposure and interest then it would be very smart for us to have them made in China and avoid importation taxes to the U.S. all together.

In preparation for talking with the shop I have been preparing numbers for both possible situations.  I have been talking to a few manufacturers trying to work out some logistical approach.

It's pretty awesome we are getting national recognition.  Maybe things will start to snowball here in the next couple months.

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