Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Huy Nguyen week 11

This week I started to edit the Kraken promotional video that will debut during our final presentation. I've also been outlining the final research paper based on our research and the feedback that Matt provided. We also made our first sale this week. My friend Connor is going on a skate road trip and needed a backpack and I provided him one. He was very happy with the purchase but vocalized to me that he wish he had two straps. If this project last after the semester and goes somewhere maybe the next incarnation of the Kraken Bag will have two straps.
I also started a facebook page for kraken.


This was a great way to network and market globally. Within 24 hours of being on facebook some skate shop from Thailand found out about us by word of mouth. They contacted us asking about our price. We are currently in conversation with them about sales.
If this deal goes down, Kraken Bag Co. New York will be global.

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